Instructions and information on applications available in BengalWeb, including registration, financial aid, and access to grades.

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Instructions and information on money-related tools in BengalWeb, including Financial Aid, Fee Payment, Parking Passes, and Jobs.

Instructions and information on courses offered at ISU, including looking up and registering for classes, checking your grades, and applying for graduation.

Instructions of how to modify personal information in BengalWeb.

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BengalWeb How Do I...

The How Do I... page in BengalWeb contains easy links to many helpful sites.

International Students

Simple explanations of the resources available in the International Students channel in BengalWeb, along with how to find the channel.

ISU Alerts

Instructions for how to set up or modify your emergency contact numbers so you can be reached in an emergency.

New Students

Instructions on how to find the New Students channel in BengalWeb, along with brief explanations of what the channel contains.