Instructions and information on money-related tools in BengalWeb, including Financial Aid, Fee Payment, Parking Passes, and Jobs.

Articles (14)

Fee Payment

How to pay your ISU fees using the tools in BengalWeb..

Financial Aid Holds

How to find and view any Financial Aid Holds on your account.

Financial Aid Requirements

Where to find the Financial Aid Requirements channel in BengalWeb.

Financial Aid Status

Information on where to check your Financial Aid status using BengalWeb.

My Financial Aid Channel

This channel contains important links for students who want to secure their financial aid.

My Financial Aid--Accept Aid Awards

Instructions on how to accept your financial aid award using BengalWeb.

Pay Fees Using My Account

Instructions on how to pay student fees using the My Account application in BengalWeb.

Pay Fees Using TouchNet

Instructions on how to find the link to pay fees using TouchNet

Payment Options

Instructions for students on how to pay their fees at ISU

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Satisfactory Academic Progress link provides access to additional information about a student's academic progress as it relates to their financial aid.

Set Up Direct Deposit for Student Account Refunds

Instructions on how to set up direct deposit so that excess financial aid awards can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Update or Remove your eRefund Account

Instructions on how to change where your refund checks are deposited through the eRefund system, or how to remove an account from the system altogether.

View and Pay Your Fees Using Account Summary

Instructions on how to view your fees using the Account Summary tool in BengalWeb, as well as how to pay your fees via the same tool.

View Student Fees

BengalWeb offers a couple different ways to view student fees. This article outlines the steps for each method available in BengalWeb.