Instructions and information on courses offered at ISU, including looking up and registering for classes, checking your grades, and applying for graduation.

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Instructions for searching, adding, and dropping courses, as well as instructions for waitlists.

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Changing Credits for a Variable Credit Course

Rarely, a class features variable credits, meaning students can choose how many credits they wish to earn by taking the class. This explains how to access this feature, when it is available.

Degree Works: Information

Degree Works tracks courses from a student's transcript and organizes them so an advisor and the student can quickly and easily identify complete and outstanding degree requirements by category.

Degree Works: User Quick Guide

Instructions on how to use DegreeWorks

Degree Works: What If... Guide

Instructions for students on how to use the Degree Works "What If" feature in BengalWeb

My Registration and Schedule Information (My Profile)

Instructions on using the My Profile tool in BengalWeb to look up your registration and schedule information.

Seeing Grades and Getting a Transcript

Finding your grades or getting a transcript.

Textbooks and Other Required Materials

Information on where to find textbook information online.