Instructions and information on classroom applications in BengalWeb, including accessing class lists, entering grades, and doing overrides.

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"X" Grades

Instructions on how and why to enter an X grade.

Accessing your Class List

Instructions on how to get to a complete class list for the classes that you teach.

Adding Syllabus Information and Office Hours

How to add syllabus and office hours information to class list.

ALEKS Accounts

An Aleks account is an account used by many math departments to provide online coursework and help to students in their class. Professors can use this as a tool to track progress throughout the course while students use it to learn at their own pace. It is required to purchase an access code, available online or through a new textbook.

Faculty Detailed Schedule

The Faculty Detailed Schedule contains information about classes assigned to faculty, as well as links to additional information.

Faculty Grade Entry

Refer to this document for instructions to enter student grades.

Faculty Section Assignments

The Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb offers valuable tools for faculty.

Faculty Section Assignments Preferences

Instructions on how to control some of the things that appear in the Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb.

Registration Overrides

Faculty members can do overrides for courses they teach.

Student Pictures in BengalWeb

Instructions for accessing student pictures in BengalWeb

Understanding and Viewing Waitlists

Information for faculty members about the waitlist function and how to view the waitlist for their class.

View Faculty Schedule

Where to find and how to operate the Faculty Schedule tool in BengalWeb.

Faculty Grade Entry Hints and Tips

Some tips for using the Faculty Grade Entry tool in BengalWeb.