Instructions and information on accessing finance information through BengalWeb.

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Accessing Finance Information

Where to find finance information, both on the Finance and Administration Website and in BengalWeb


Many finance reports are retained in the ePrint repository and accessible to those with funding, budget and/or expense tracking responsibility.

Finance and Purchasing

Basic information about the Finance and Purchasing Sidebar links in BengalWeb.

Finance Dashboard: View Documents

How to look up Documents using the Finance Dashboard in BengalWeb.

Finance Information

Information on the many links available in the Finance Information Channel in BengalWeb.

Financial Dashboard

Instructions for looking up basic budget information in the the Self Serve Banner tools available in BengalWeb.

Purchasing Services

Information about where to go for Purchasing, Surplus, Contract, and ISU Purchase Card services using the Purchasing website or the tools in BengalWeb.

Travel and Expense: Chrome River Accessible through BengalWeb

You can access Chrome River through BengalWeb and find assistance on the Finance Services website. Chrome River is used for employee travel expenses.