Using Zoom in the ITS Main Computer Labs

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Instructions for how to use Zoom in the Main IT Computer Labs. 

To use Zoom:

  1. If the camera is not popped out of the top of the screen:
    • Press down and release the pop-up the camera
  2. To unmute the computer:
    • Click the Speaker Icon on the bottom right of the screen,
  3. Adjust volume to your preference or plug in a headset/microphone
    •  The headphone jack is on the left side of the computer and it works with headphones, a microphone, or both (using the same jack)
  4. Double-click the Zoom icon on the desktop
    • If the icon is not on the desktop, go into the Start Menu and Zoom will be all the way at the bottom
  5. Click  Join A Meeting, then enter the Meeting ID provided by your instructor or meeting partner
    • Alternatively, you can click Sign In to start a meeting of your own

Note: The camera quality defaults to a lower setting, which is good enough for most people but, you can adjust the resolution if needed:

  1. Adjusting camera resolution:
  • Click the ^ to the right of Start Video or Stop Video and then click Video Settings. In this menu, you can now select the box for Enable HD


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