Connecting a Game Console to ISU's Network

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Game Consoles belong on DeviceNet. To connect your device follow instructions below.

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Connecting to Campus Network

To connect to DeviceNet you will first need to register your device. 

  1. Go to ISU Devices Portal 

Note: You must already be on campus Internet to use this site.

  1. Enter BengalWeb Username
  2. Enter BengalWeb Password
  3. Click Sign On
  4. Select Add to add a new device
  5. Enter Device name
  6. Enter Device ID/ MAC Adress
  7. Enter Description of device (Optionally)
  8. Example:
  • Device Name: John's Xbox
  • Device ID: D6:8F:28:84:5D:7D
  • Description*: (Optional)
  1. Select Submit


Finding MAC Address

Note: MAC Address is necessary to register a device.

  1. Xbox One:
    • Go to My Games and Apps
    • Select Settings
    • Select Network
    • Select Advanced Settings
    • Note the MAC Address
  2. Xbox 360:
    • ​​​​​​Select Systems on the dashboard
    • Select Network Settings
    • Select  Configure Network
    • Check Basic Settings
    • Ensure The IP address is set to automatic
    • Select Additional Settings
    • Select Advanced Settings
    • Note the Wired MAC Address
  3. PlayStation 4:
    • Go to the Settings in the PS4 menu
    • Scroll to Network
    • Scroll to View Connection Status
    • Note MAC Address
  4. PlayStation 5:
    • Go to the Settings in the PS4 menu
    • Scroll to Network
    • Scroll to View Connection Status
    • Note MAC Address
  5. PlayStation 3:
    • Turn on PS3 without a disk
    • Select Settings from home screen
    • Select Network Settings
    • Select Settings and Connection Status List
    • Scroll to find the MAC Address
    • Note the MAC Address
  6. Wii/Wii U
    • Select the Round Wii button in bottom left of the Wii Channel menu
    • Select Wii Settings
    • Scroll over a page
    • Select Internet
    • Select Console Information or View MAC Address
    • Note the MAC Address on the first line
  7. Gamecube:
    • Remove the Broadband adapter from the Gamecube
    • Note: The MAC Address printed on the underside of the adapter, and a broadband adapter is required.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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