Connecting a Game Console to ISU's Network

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Game Consoles belong on DeviceNet. To connect your device, follow the instructions below.
  • How do I connect my console to internet?
  • Can I connect my game console to ISU internet?
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    • Game consoles
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    • Students
Connecting to Campus Network
To connect to DeviceNet, you will first need to register your device. 
    • Note: You must already be on campus Internet to use this site.
  1. Type ISU Username
  2. Type ISU Password
  3. Click Sign-On
  4. Select Add to add a new device
  5. Type Device name
  6. Type Device ID/ MAC Address
  7. Type Description of the device (Optionally)
    • Example:
      • Device Name: John's Xbox
      • Device ID: D6:8F:28:84:5D:7D
      • Description*: (Optional)
  8. Select Submit
Finding MAC Address
  • Note: MAC Address is necessary to register a device.
  • Xbox Series X/S
  1. Find My Xbox in the Xbox Dashboard and select Settings.
  2. Under General, select Network Settings.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4.  Note the MAC Address.
  • Xbox One:
    1. Go to My Games and Apps
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select Network
    4. Select Advanced Settings
    5. Note the MAC Address
  • Xbox 360:
    1. ​​​​​​Select Systems on the dashboard
    2. Select Network Settings
    3. Select  Configure Network
    4. Check Basic Settings
    5. Check the IP address is set to automatic
    6. Select Additional Settings
    7. Select Advanced Settings
    8. Note Wired MAC Address
  • PlayStation 5:
    1. Go to the Settings in the PS5 menu
    2. Scroll to Network
    3. Scroll to View Connection Status
    4. Note MAC Address
  • PlayStation 4:
    1. Go to the Settings in the PS4 menu
    2. Scroll to Network
    3. Scroll to View Connection Status
    4. Note MAC Address
  • PlayStation 3:
    1. Turn on PS3 without a disk
    2. Select Settings from the home screen
    3. Select Network Settings
    4. Select Settings and Connection Status List
    5. Scroll to find the MAC Address
    6. Note MAC Address
  • Wii/Wii U
    1. Select the Round Wii button in the bottom left of the Wii Channel menu
    2. Select Wii Settings
    3. Scroll over a page
    4. Select Internet
    5. Select Console Information or View MAC Address
    6. Note MAC Address on the first line
  • GameCube:
    1. Remove the Broadband adapter from the GameCube
      • Note: The MAC Address is printed on the adapter's underside, and a broadband adapter is required.
  • Nintendo Switch:
    1. Go to System Settings (gear icon at the bottom of the HOME page).
    2. Scroll down and select Internet
    3. MAC Address will be underneath Connection Status.


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