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On January 5, ISU upgraded our email to the new integrated Gmail Experience.  This upgrade features exciting new collaboration tools while maintaining the key Gmail features we rely on. We’ve provided links to more information, Quick Start Guides, and this basic overview of the key differences featured in the upgrade.
  • What is Gmail Experience?
  • What changed with Gmail?
  • What is the difference between the new and old Gmail?
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Gmail Experience Overview
  • Google Chat is now built into Gmail, so you can quickly communicate with coworkers without leaving Gmail.  
  • The new Rooms application allows you to create workspaces to collaborate with a group and allows you to share documents and tasks within the room, making it easier to work on projects together.
  • Google Hangouts has gone away.  If you have old Hangouts conversations you need to access, you can go to  Google designed Rooms to replace the Hangouts chat groups.  
  • Video conferencing is available in Gmail using Meet, which features a simple interface to share your screen quickly, hold a video call, or give presentations to remote groups or individuals.
The infographic below explains the best ways to utilize the new Gmail Experience fully.  We are especially pleased with the new collaboration opportunities the upgrades provide.  For more information about the full suite of available collaboration tools, visit our Collaboration website.
New Gmail inforgraphic
Important Note regarding legacy Hangouts Group Messages
You can continue recent 1:1 chats from Hangouts in the new Google Chat, but group messages from Hangouts (including their history) will not be migrated to Google Chat. If you have important group messages in classic Hangouts, we recommend you recreate them as Rooms in the new Google interface. 
Accessing Hangouts Group history
Classic Hangouts chat functionality will no longer be supported after January 5th.  Even though Hangouts group messages will not be migrated to the new Google Chat, they can still be accessed for reference at
  • Note:  this is a read-only format.   
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