PawPrint FAQ

Q: What is PawPrint and how is it different from printing in the computer labs?
A: PawPrint is ISUs cloud printing service. Unlike printing from a computer lab, PawPrint enables you to upload your print job from anywhere with your own device. You can then release and retrieve your prints from a number of convenient PawPrint Release Stations on campus.
Q: How do I get to PawPrint?
A: From any web browser, visit to upload your document. Then visit the PawPrint Release Station you chose on the website to print your document.
Q: Can I print in color?
A: PawPrint is only black and white at this time. Color printing is available in the Rendezvous drop-in computer lab in Pocatello, Bennion Student Union computer lab in Idaho Falls, or the 829 computer lab in Meridian
Q: How many pages can I print using PawPrint?

A: PawPrint is limited to a file size of 5 megabytes and 25 pages

Q: Can I use PawPrint on my phone?
A: Yes! You can use PawPrint with any device that has an internet browser.
Q: What happens to my document if I can’t pick it up right away?
A: Documents are stored for 72 hours and are not printed until you visit a PawPrint Release Station to print your documents.
Q: Can someone else print my documents for me?
A: When you input your ISU username on the PawPrint website, it ties your uploaded document to your account. No one else will be able to view or print your documents.
Q: I uploaded my document to the wrong PawPrint Release Station, what do I do?

A: Please re-upload your document to the correct Release Station. Alternatively, IT Lab Representatives and the IT Service Desk can redirect the print job for you.

Q: Can I upload a document for someone else?
A: Yes! When the PawPrint website asks for a username, just use their ISU username and they will be able to print the document from the PawPrint Release Station you chose on the website.
Q: Where are PawPrint Release Stations located?

A: Current PawPrint Release Stations are located across campus at these locations:

  • Rendezvous computer lab in Pocatello
  • Pond Student Union computer lab in Pocatello
  • Oboler Library computer lab in Pocatello
  • Turner Hall computer lab in Pocatello
  • Main Entrance in Meridian
  • Bennion Student Union computer lab in Idaho Falls


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