Rendezvous Lost and Found

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Information on logging lost and found items in Rendezvous.
  • How do I log items in lost and found?
  • Where do I access the Lost and Found?
  • Audience Affected
    • CXS Representatives and Technicians
Logging Found Items
  1. Go to this link to the Lost and Found Questionnaire 
  2. Fill out information regarding the found item
    • Note: If the item is electronic such as a phone or a laptop, contact Public Safety and have them pick up the item
  3. If a name can be found on the item, reach out via email to let the owner know to come pick this up
  4. After logging the item, place found item in the Lost and Found cabinet behind the consultant desk
Logging Items After Pickup
When someone comes by looking for a lost item, first...
  1. Follow this link to the Returned Item Questionnaire 
  2. Search for item's description
  3. Once found, Verify the person's identity before opening the Returned Items Form
  4. Fill out relevant information and submit
    1. This will add the relevant information to the Picked Up Items tab at the bottom of Lost and Found Spreadsheet
  5. After returning the item to its owner, you can now open the Lost and Found Archives tab located at the bottom of the Lost and Found Spreadsheet
  6. Delete the item and its information from the Lost and Found Archives tab 
    1. Note: Do not delete this from the Picked Up Items tab

Please get in touch with the IT Service Desk for additional assistance.
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