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In rare instances, we do encounter an issue with the addition of a box account through Fischer not being able to provision the account.  In most cases, this is caused by the end user having used their email to create a personal Box account.
  • How do I add a Box account with Fischer?
  • How do I let Fischer provision a Box account?
  • Platform
    • Box
  • Audience affected
    • Service Desk FT
    • Box Admin
A user needing access may already have created a personal Box account using their email account.
Box add error
In order to resolve this issue, we have to go through several steps:
  1. Login to Box Admin
  2. Go to the admin console
  3. Select Users & Groups
  4. Search the external users for the user email account
    1. If the account is found, click on the 3 dot button
    2. Then click on the Invite to Join as a Managed User
At this point, we will need to wait until the customer accepts the invite to Join as a Managed User.  Once this occurs, their account will be automatically moved to the Managed Users column.  After we see the customer's account in Managed Users we can then go back to Fischer and add the account to the user.  This will just make the attachment between Fischer and Box.
Another issue is when the system errors out (Fischer box account add), and the customer does not appear in the External Users tab.  In this instance, we need to add another step:
  1. Login to Box Admin
  2. Go to the admin console
  3. Select Users & Groups
  4. Click on + Users
  5. Input the user's full name as per Fischer
  6. Input user email account as per Fischer
  7. Go to Access permissions, scroll down to All users, and set the access level to member. 
  8. Go to the bottom of the + users section and click the Add User button.
This will cause the system to error out and say that the user is already an active user in box and ask if you want to send an invite to bring the user on as a managed user. 
  • Please select yes for this option.
This will not notify you when the user accepts the invite, so watch both the ticket and check back with box and do a managed user search. 
  • Once the user accepts the Invite and can be found in managed users, we can now go back to Fischer and add a box account to their user.

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