Sharing Google Calendar with Specific People

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Instructions on sharing Google Calendar with people of your choice.
  • How do I share my Google calendar with specific people?
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    • Google
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    • Faculty
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You can share your work calendar with specific people by changing permissions on your Google calendar.
  1. Locate My calendars (left sidebar)
  2. Select the three vertical dots to the right of the calendar
  3. Select Settings and sharing
  4. Scroll to Share with specific people
  5. Click + Add People
  6. Type the Email address of the person you want to share your calendar with
    • Note: To add multiple people, you can continue entering email addresses
  7. Choose Permissions from the drop-down (explanations provided below)
  8. Select Send
People with this permission...
See only free/busy                                   (hide event details)
Viewers can see whether you are free or busy by adding and viewing your calendar or by trying to schedule an appointment with you
  • Note: Viewers will only see blocks of time labeled "busy."
See all event details
Viewers the event’s details, including time, name, location, etc. 
  • Note: Viewers cannot see private events and can't change any event setting
Make changes to events
Viewers can make changes to your calendar (edit, add, or remove) but cannot change who can view or edit the calendar. 
  • Note: Users with this authority can see private events 
Make changes to events and              manage sharing
Viewers can edit, add, and remove events and an invite and remove and edit the calendar sharing permissions. This permission gives the person the same rights as the calendar owner.
  • Note: Users with this authority can see private events 
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