Closing NetCom Work Orders

Issue / Question
ITS Business Administration processes NetCom Work Orders. 
  • How do I process NetCom Work Orders?
  • How do I close NetCom Work Orders?
  • How do I assign a charge on a NetCom Work Order?
  • How do I add Work orders to the Worksheet to close?
  • Platform
    • NetCom Work Orders
  • Audience Affected
    • ITS Business Office Staff
Closing Netcom Work Orders
  1. Open Pre-Orders
  2. Type the Work Order Number
  3. Click Search
  4. Click on the Work Order Number to open 
  5. Open Pre-Order Actions (arrow down)
  6. Click on Resolve
  7. Select OK
  8. Edit Date (for when work order closed)
  9. Type comment "Work Order is Completed."
  10. Click Save
Assign a Charge
Note: Keep track of the totals from work orders charged as the total is needed when billing is ran
  1.  Locate Pre-Order
  2.  Click One Time Charge
  3. Type Charge
  4. Type in Charge Code PR, PC, Net
    • Note: This will bring up what you are looking for
  5. Type in Bill Note- Add a description of what you are billing 
  6. Type Quantity
  7. Type Amount
  8. Click Save
    • Note: Repeat if you need to add another charge to this work order
  9. Email the Total Amount to the Person Running the Billing
Adding Work Orders to Worksheet to Close
  1. Locate Pre-Order
  2. Type in Work Order
  3. Click Search
  4. Check Box
  5. Select Add to Worksheet (Blue tab at the top of the page)
    • Note: After all work orders have been added to the Worksheet, confirm the total amount matches the total of the worksheets.
  6. Click P (right-hand corner)
  7. Select Financial Power User
  8. Click System
  9. Click Interactive SQL
  10. Click Review Open Work Orders Charges (At the bottom of the page)
  11. Enter Date (Example: 01-MAR-2022)
  12. Click Run
    • Note: Confirm that the total work orders match the total on your Worksheet.
    • Note: Confirm that the total work order billing matches your total on work orders billed.
  13. Click 01a-Inactive Subscriber Report
  14. Click Run
  15. Click 01B-Inactive Subscriber with Charges
  16. Click Run
  17. Click 02b-Review Recurring Charges Assign Date
  18. Type Date (Example: 01-MAR-2022)
  19. Click Run
  20. Click  P (right-hand corner)
  21. Go to Back Office User
  22. Click on the Worksheet icon
  23. Select Convert to Incidents
  24. Click on Incidents (left-hand columns)
  25. Check the box IWS,
    • Note: Add ALL Incidents to the Worksheet (Could be a few columns)
  26. Click on the Worksheet Icon
  27. Click Close (blue tab at the top of page)
  28. Click Remove (after closing)
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