Changing Majors: Faculty Instructions

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  • How do I help a student who wants to change their major?
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    • BengalWeb
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    • Faculty
If you know a student who desires to change their major, please direct them to the following instructions to guide them through the process. All requests must be approved by both the student and their primary advisor, before being processed by the Registrar’s office. Instructions specific to students can also be found in the Knowledge Base article Changing Your Major: Student Quick Guide, and advisor specific instructions can be found in the Changing Majors: Advisor Quick Guide article. A pdf of these instructions is also available on this page to print out for the student. 
Student Initiated Change Major Request
  1. In BengalWeb, student clicks on Academic Tools link (left).
  2. Student locates Student Records section (bottom left).
  3. Student clicks on Start New Major Change Request (CMR).
  4. The Change Major Request page appears, showing the student’s current major, minor, etc.
  5. In the text box under Degree/Major Request, the student types in the changes they want: : degree, major, minor, or concentration. They add the year they started at ISU (or their catalog year) if they know it. 
  6. Under Faculty/Department Advisor Assignment Request, the student enters the advisor for the new program, if known. 
  7. The student clicks Submit Request, which signifies they approve the change(s) requested. 
  8. The student will receive an email confirmation. Their primary advisor will also receive an email with the same information.
  9. Their primary advisor will contact them to set up an appointment to discuss this request. Once the student has met with them, the advisor sends the request to the Registrar’s office. The student and advisor will be notified once the request has been implemented.
Note: The Veterans, Athletic, and International Programs offices will be notified when any student under their jurisdictions submits a CMR or has a CMR approved and processed. 

Please get in touch with the IT Service Desk for additional assistance.
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