Connecting to eduroam

How to connect to eduroam

The eduroam logo is a registered trademark of the GÉANT Association. Idaho State University is independent of GÉANT.

eduroam (education roaming) is a world-wide wireless network developed for the global research and education community.

eduroam allows students, researchers, and staff at ISU to use their normal ISU usernames and passwords to connect to the eduroam network while visiting any participating institution. No inconvenient reregistration or time-outs.

With literally hundreds of thousands of wireless access-points sharing a common SSID, eduroam acts as one large, world-wide, wireless hotspot.

eduroam is designed for any member of any institution that participates in the eduroam initiative. ISU is a proud member of eduroam.

Check the Wireless FAQs page to learn more about campus wireless.

The steps for connecting to eduroam should be very similiar for all devices.

All Devices:

  1. Connect to the eduroam SSID.
  2. Enter your BengalWeb username with "" added to the end of it.
  3. Enter your BengalWeb password.
  4. Accept the Certificate.
  5. Access is either granted or denied based upon your login credentials.

Eduroam Pages

Eduroam Home Page  

Map of available Eduroam locations  


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