Submitting a Service Request in TigerTracks

Idaho State users can open tickets directly from the TigerTracks Client Portal to report an issue/problem, or to request a service. 

Services That Can be Requested

  1. Request a computer setup
  2. Request assistance with a software issue
  3. Request assistance with a login issue
  4. Request the installation of software on a campus computer
  5. Report a problem with a system or application
  6. Request network access for a new employee

Opening a Ticket

  1. Go to ► BengalWeb
  2. Enter ► User Name
  3. Enter ► Password
  4. Select ► LOGIN
  5. Click ► The Pawprint in the header bar 
    • Note: This opens TigerTracks,
  6. Select ► Services in header bar
  7. Click ► The service needed
    • Note: Use the search bar at the top to find services.
  8. Click ► Orange Request Service button on the right if requesting a new service
  9. Click ► Orange Report Problem if requesting service to address a problem
  10. Complete ► The Form 
    • Note: Question marks next to each field give help text for that field.
    • Note: Fields with asterisks are required.
  11. Select ► ​​​​​​​Request at bottom left once the form is completed 

What happens next?

  1. A ticket is created and sent to the appropriate team once the request is submitted. 
  2. A staff member may reach out for more information.
  3. An email confirming the tickets creation will be sent.
  4. Ticket progress is shown under the View Your Tickets tab on the left side of the home screen.


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