Overview: Access Moodle ISU


Moodle ISU is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Idaho State University. It can be used to facilitate delivery of online courses and house online materials for hybrid courses.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Access Moodle ISU on ISU’s homepage

  • Access Moodle ISU on BengalWeb

  • Access Moodle ISU with Direct URL

  • Seek further assistance


Access Moodle ISU on ISU’s homepage

  1. At the top of ISU’s homepage, select QUICKLINKS.


  1. From the Quicklinks list, select Moodle.


  1. From the Instructional Technology Resource Center homepage, click on either the Moodle ISU logo or on the Moodle ISU textual link.

  1. Log in using your ISU username and password.


Access Moodle ISU on BengalWeb

  1. Log in to your BengalWeb account.

  2. At the top of BengalWeb’s homepage, click the Moodle ISU button. [Note: ISU uses a single sign-on authentication so you will not be prompted to log in to Moodle ISU.]


Access Moodle ISU with Direct URL

  1. In the web address bar type the following: elearn.isu.edu/moodle



Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance, please contact the ITRC at (208) 282-5880 or itrc@isu.edu


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