Set Up Direct Deposit for Student Account Refunds

Students can choose to have any refunds (i.e. financial aid, scholarships, fees refunded) automatically deposited in their personal bank accounts through BengalWeb.  Refunds might include excess financial aid or fees refunded when you drop a class.

Bank account information needs to be set up before the refund is processed. 

If you signed up to have your refund or excess financial aid directly deposited into your bank account, the university will begin authorizing those refunds 7-10 days before classes begin.  ISU will continue to authorize additional deposits daily, as they are approved.  Once authorized, a direct deposit will appear in your bank account within 2-4 business days.

Note: If your bank account information is not completely set up and verified before your refund is processed, the system will automatically send a check to your mailing address.

Click Here to Update or Remove eRefund Account.

Follow the instructions below to enroll in eRefund

1. Log in to BengalWeb and select $ Student Finances tab.

2. Next, go to Online Fee Payment portlet and select Enroll in eRefund. 

3. Then, proceed to TouchNet.

4. Above the heading Student Account, select Refund Account Setup.

5. Under the Current Refund Method heading, select Security Settings.

6. Select how you would like to receive a passcode: Text message to existing or new mobile number or Email message to existing or new email address. 

7. Enter the passcode received over text message or via email in the Verify Passcode box. The passcode is a six digit code. Click Verify. (If the code was not sent to you, click Resend Code)

8. Enter your account information. If you have an international address, check the Check here for an international address box. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. (You can use any personal checking or savings account. Do not enter other accounts, such as corporate account numbers, credit cards, home equity, or traveler's checks. Do not enter debit card numbers. Instead, enter the complete routing number and bank account number as found on a personal check) When you are done, click Continue.

9. An authorization page will appear. When you have read through the agreement, check the I Agree box. Then click Continue.

The account has now been set up. Under Current Refund Method, your current eRefund account will appear.


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