View and Pay Your Fees Using Account Summary

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How to view and pay your fees through BengalWeb using the  $ Student Finances tab.

  • How do I pay my ISU fees?
  • How do I access my Bengalweb fee account?
  • How do I see my ISU financial aid report?
  • Platform
    • BengalWeb
  • Audience Affected
    • Students
  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Go to the $ Student Finances link (left).
  3. Find the Online Fee Payment portlet (lower right).
  4. Click on Account Summary to see a summary view of your current bill—both current and outstanding charges
  5. The Account Summary screen appears. To make a payment click the Pay Now Via TouchNet link at the bottom. Then click Proceed to TouchNet and follow the instructions.

Account Summary page screenshot

Note: If you have questions or concerns about your account, please call (208) 282-3000 so that our customer service personnel can assist you.

  • For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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