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The Banner 9 Student Advisor Profile provides advisors with a wealth of information about a student compiled into a single page.  


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ISU has 2 types of advisor roles:  Relationship-based Access or Global Student Record Access.  Most faculty and department advisors are set up with Relationship-based Access.  Advisees' assignment decisions are made by the department/unit and can be recorded onto the student record through the Curriculum Change Request process or by contacting Central Academic Advising.  

If your advising or administrative role at the university requires you to have access to ALL student records, the advisee dropdown menu will not populate.  You will need to search by the advisee’s ID number or name.  

If you have an advisor role, you may access and use the Student Advisor Profile resource.   If you are an advisor and do not see the Advisor Tools heading when you click on the Academics sidebar in BengalWeb, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 282-HELP (4357). 

Accessing a Student's Profile
  1. Login to BengalWeb using your regular username and password. 
  2. Click on the Academics sidebar link.  
  3. Under the Advisor Tools box, click on the Advisee - Student Profiles link.
  4. Use the Advisee Search page to select the term you wish to search. The selected term will determine which advisees you have access to, as well as what information will be displayed for the students.   If you cannot find a particular student, try selecting a different term. 
  5. To search for one of your advisees individually, select which search criteria you wish to enter (Student ID, Student Email, or Student Name)
    1. Note:  When searching by name, you must search using the format of Last name, First name. Once you have entered three characters, a list of students matching your criteria will pop up. You may continue to enter letters to further limit the search, or select a student from the list.
  6. After entering the student ID or email address, press either Enter or tab on your keyboard to initiate the search. 
  7. When multiple student names appear, click the correct one. Once you have a student selected, click the View Profile button. The Student Profile Page will open.

Advisee search menu screenshot

Advisee Listing Screen

To see ALL advisees that are assigned to you for the selected term, click the View My Advisee Listing link, which will open the Advisee Listing screen,  You can sort, filter, and/or download the list, or send an email to those on the list.  You can also click on individual student names to access their profile pages.

  • The screen features navigation keys at the bottom so you can scroll left and right, or see more names.  You can also use the drop-down arrow next to the number at the bottom of the screen to change how many names display on a page.
  • Students who have requested confidentiality blocks are indicated with an orange Lock icon to the right of their name and ID. No information may be released to third parties about these students, including whether or not they are students at ISU. 
  • You can sort the list by clicking the arrows in any of the column headers.  Scroll right to see more column headings.
  • Filter (top right) gives you more filtering options. 
  • Download an Excel list of your advisees by clicking on the Gear icon (far upper right, next to your name), then click Export Advisee Listing.  If your advisees are filtered, this export will only include the students in the filter. 
  • Click on View Profile to open the selected student's Student Profile page. 

      Advisee Listing view profile screenshot

Student Profile Page

This page contains a wealth of information about each student on a single page. Students also have access to their Profile page and can see the same information.  

  • Student name and ID 
  • Basic biographic and demographic information (email, phone, date of birth)
  • General information about the student (level, classification, student status, residency) 
  • Academic advisor details 
  • Curriculum details 
  • Class schedule (“Registered Courses” only includes active registrations) 
  • Prior education details (including institutions attended and degrees earned) and test scores 
  • Academic Standing 
  • Overall earned hours and GPA 
  • Registration Notices (i.e things that could impact a student’s ability to register for courses)
  • Holds (includes a detailed description of any holds on the student’s account) 
Navigating a Student's Profile

The term is displayed in the upper left (based on the term you selected at the beginning).  

Click on the links on the left to display different types of information on the right side of the profile page.

Information list for Advisees screenshot

Curriculum and Course:  Displays curriculum information and registered courses for the selected te

Prior Education and Testing:  Displays student’s historical information from other schools and placement exams.

Academic Transcript:  Links to unofficial web transcript page

Student Schedule: Links to student’s concise schedule for that term

Week at a Glance:  Links to student’s Week at a Glance schedule for that term

View Grades:  Links to a page that shows the student's grades.

Notices and holds for Advisees screenshot

Also, in the upper left corner look for these important links:

Registration Notices: Displays Academic Standing, Student Status, and Enrollment Status in effect during the selected term.  

Holds: Displays any holds associated with the student for the selected term.

  • For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group at (208) 282-4357 or through chat


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