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What are waitlists and how do I sign for a full class?

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All waitlists are handled through BengalWeb. This shows you how to be put on a course waitlist and what to do when you are able to register for the course. 

Closed classes usually offer waitlists

If a course is closed, a “C” is displayed in the Select column instead of a checkbox. Copy the CRN, enter it in the worksheet, and then click Submit Changes. The course appears under Registration Add Errors underneath the Current Schedule.

  1. Click the down arrow under Action next to the course, and choose Add to Waitlist. Click Submit Changes.

Action Dropdown meu under a class

  1. The class is added to your Current Schedule with Add to Waitlist as status.

Add to waitlist status on a class

  1. If an opening occurs, an email is sent to your ISU email address. You have 24 hours to add the class. To add a waitlisted class, see instructions below.
  2. If you no longer want to be on the waitlist for a course, please follow instructions to DROP THE CLASS to remove your name.  This bumps up others on the waitlist and improves their chance of getting into the course they want.
Things to Know About Waitlists
  • It is first-come, first-served.  This means that someone whose name is first on the waitlist gets sent the email first.  They then have 24 hours to add the course. If they do not respond within 24 hours, their name is removed from the waitlist and an email is sent to the second person on the waitlist, and so forth.
Adding a Waitlisted Class
  1. When you receive an email at your ISU email address telling you there is an opening in a class you have been waitlisted for, you have 24 hours to go into BengalWeb and add that class.
  2. Go to the Academic Tools link and click on Add or Drop Classes in the Registration Tools section.
  3. Select the term you are registering for, then click Submit.
  4. Your current schedule will appear. The class you are waitlisted for will show **Add to Waitlist** under the Status heading.
  5. Click on the drop-down arrow under the Action heading and highlight the Web Registered option.

Dropdown menu for a class highlighting Web Registered option

  1. Click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page to register for this class. The Status will change to Web Registered.
Additional Information

If you are on the waitlist for a different section of a class you are already registered for, you must drop the other section before you can add the new section.  You can do both actions at the same time by highlighting Web Drop under the Action heading for the class you wish to drop, then highlight Web Registered for the waitlisted class you wish to add.  Click on Submit Changes to finalize.

  • For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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