Variable Credit Course Registration

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Information on changing credits for courses. 
  • How do I change credits for a variable credit course?
  • Can I change the amount of credits for a course?
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    • BengalWeb
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    • Students
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Register for the course as you would normally. To change the number of credits of the course, follow these directions.
Sign into BengalWeb
  1. Go to Bengal Web
  2. Type your ISU Username
  3. Type your Password
  4. Click SUBMIT
Variable Credit Course Registration
  1. Select Academic Tools (left)
  2. Then go to Registration Tools (right)
  3. Click Registration Landing Page
  4. Click Register for Classes
  5. Select a Term
  6. Click Continue
  7. Select Schedule and Options (top-left)
  8. Click on the hours of the course whose credits you want to change
  9. Enter the number of credits you want
  10. When you click off of the course, the changed credits will remain.

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