Changing Credits for a Variable Credit Course

For classes that offer variable credits:

  1. Register for the class as usual.
  2. After you add the class, look at the class as it is listed on the Add or Drop Classes page.
  3. You will see the class and, under the Cred heading, you will see that the number 1.000 is blue, meaning it is a link.
  4. Click on that link and the Change Class Options page will appear.
  5. In the Credit Hours box, change the credits listed (1.000) to the credits you want for the course.
  6. Then click Submit Changes (bottom left). The credits you entered have been saved to your schedule.

To exit the Change Class Options page, click on the Add or Drop Classes link at bottom of the page and you will see the change.  Your class list should show this class listed with the credits you selected.


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