My Financial Aid Channel

My Financial Aid Channel

The My Financial Aid portlet shows students all the details of their financial aid packages.  To find it, log in to BengalWeb and click on the Student Finances link (left).  The My Financial Aid section is located in the middle of the page.  (Note the Financial Aid Alerts channel, as well, as it contains important Financial Aid instructions.)  

Students must come to the My Financial Aid channel to review their awards and accept them online, or the financial aid money will not be disbursed.  In addition to reviewing and accepting the awards, student can upload their completed forms electronically, which can save the time the Financial Aid office will need to scan and upload the forms themselves.  Other options include checking financial aid holds, overall status, and reviewing a student's satisfactory academic progress status.  

In addition to reviewing awards, students may view holds, learn more about their application status, and check their academic progress.  

  1. Click on Accept Financial Aid Awards, then choose the appropriate academic year.  
  2. Five tabs will appear.  You will need to work your way through each of the tabs, starting with the one on the right.  
  3. If you have submitted this properly, within 24 hours, you can check the status in the Financial Aid Requirements channel, directly above the My Financial Aid channel.  Click on the Financial Aid Status link.  If there are green checkmarks, you are good.  If red flags still appear, the process is incomplete.

For questions please contact the Financial Aid office at (208)282-2756. 


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