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Information on how to view your class list for the semester. 


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Viewing Your Class List:
  1. Log in to BengalWeb,
  2. Click on Academics (left)
  3. Go to the Faculty Section Assignments channel.

Your current course assignments are displayed. To view your roster, click the Class List icon that appears next to the name of the course.

Faculty Section Assignments: My classes Class list icon

Note: Your course may be divided into 2+ sections if it is taught at multiple levels (undergrad/grad) or locations, and/or if it is cross-listed.

  1. The Summary Class List appears.
  • Click the course title to see Class Schedule Listing, which also has links to the Catalog Entry and the Book Information for the course.   
  • Click a student's name to view contact information for that student.  
  1. To view a more detailed class list, click on the Detail Class List link at the bottom of the screen.

Filter options for class list

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