Understanding and Viewing Waitlists

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In BengalWeb, students who wish to register for a class that is already full can request to be added to a waitlist (as long as they meet course prerequisites and restrictions).

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About Waitlists
  • When someone drops a class, a spot in the class becomes available.  If the class has a waitlist, the system will notify the student who is #1 on the waitlist via their ISU email that a spot in the class has opened and is being held for them.  That student then has 24 hours to register for that class. If the student doesn't register for the class within 24 hours, their name is dropped from the waitlist and the open spot is offered to the next student on the list.  (Note: This is another good reason students need to be checking or forwarding their ISU email account.)
  • A student can be enrolled in one section of a course and on a waitlist for another section; furthermore, a student can be on more than one waitlist for the same course (i.e. trying to get into multiple sections at the same time). 
  • Waitlists cap out at 50% of course limit. The high percentage is to allow for monitoring of demand.
  • No one but students themselves or the Registrar’s office can add a student's name to the waitlist.
  • Students should remove themselves from waitlists for classes they are no longer interested in. This opens spots for others without unnecessary delay.
  • Waitlist positions are first come, first served.  
Viewing a Course Waitlist:
  1. Log in to BengalWeb, then click on Academics (left) and go to the Faculty Section Assignments portlet.  You will see a list of your course assignments displayed. To view the waitlist for a course, click the WaitList icon that appears immediately to the right of the Class List icon for the same course.

Waitlist Icon

  1. The Summary WaitList screen appears. If there are students waiting to enroll, you will see their information. At the bottom, click on the Detail WaitList link to see class level, program, and major information for all students.

Note: When a student is wait listed for your class, you will see what position they are in on the wait list. Because students are not able to see that information, they might sometimes contact you to inquire.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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