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How to view faculty schedule
  • How do I view the Faculty schedule?
  • Where do I view the schedule for Faculty?
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There are multiple ways faculty can view their schedule of assigned sections for a semester.  All of these are found in BengalWeb on the Academics page.  
Faculty Schedule: Faculty Week at a Glance
  1. To see a calendar-styled view, log in to BengalWeb, then click on the Academics link, on the left. 
  2. In Faculty Schedule (upper right), click on Faculty Week at a Glance.   
  3. Your scheduled classes for the current week appear.  You can click on each class to see more information about that section.
  4. To view your schedule for a different week, select a different date in the upper right and click Go. 
Faculty Schedule: Detail Schedule
  1. To see details about your scheduled classes, log in to BengalWeb, then click on the Academics link (left). 
  2. In Faculty Schedule (upper right) click on Detail Schedule.  
  3. Select the Term you wish to view from the drop down list, then select the CRN for the section you wish to see. 
  4. Extensive details about that section will appear, including enrollment counts, a link to the Classlist, and the ability to enter office hours and syllabus information.
 Class List and Wait List
  1. To access the names of students in or on wait lists for your assigned sections, log in to BengalWeb, then click on the Academics link (left).
  2. In the Class List and Wait List section, click on My Class List and Wait List.
  3.  A list of all your assigned courses will appear.  
  4. To see your students' names, click on the name of the class under the Subject heading. 
  5. The Class List window opens with a list of those students enrolled in the course. 
  6. Click on the Wait List tab to see a list of the students on the wait list for the course.
  7. To see more information on a specific student, click on their name to go to their Student Profile page. 
Faculty Tools: Active Assignments
  1. Another way to see your assigned sections is to login to BengalWeb, then click on the Academics link (left).
  2. In the Faculty Tools section, click on Active Assignments.
  3. A list of your current assignments will appear, with links to the class roster, a more detailed schedule, your posted syllabus, or your posted office hours. 

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