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View students profiles of those you advise.

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Advisee Search

The Advisee--Student Profiles feature is only available for those who have been officially designated an "advisor" for one or more students in Banner (ISU's administrative computing system).  Here's how to access this information.

Faculty tools portlet

  1. Log in to BengalWeb, and go to the Faculty Tools portlet on the Academics page. Click Advisee--Student Profiles.
  2. The Advisee Search screen appears. Select term for which to view advisees, then choose if you want to search by Student ID, Student Email, or Student Name.  Depending on what you chose, enter that information in the empty box. (i.e. if you clicked on Student ID you would need to enter the student's ID # in the box). Note: when searching using a Student ID, please put enough zeros in front of the ID # so that the total number of digits = 9.  (i.e a six digit ID would need to be entered as  000123456).  When you hit Enter, the student's name will appear. Then you can click on View Profile.  
  3. You may be prompted to enter your user name and password again.  Then the Student Profile screen will appear.  This is the same screen students can access to see their information. 

 Advisee search menu

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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