Receive Your W2 Forms Electronically

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How to set up your W2 form electronically through BengalWeb.
  • How do I set up my W2 form online?
  • Can I get my W2 electronically?
  • Platform
    • BengalWeb
  • Audience Affected
    • Employees
Sign into BengalWeb
  1. Go to Bengal Web
  2. Type your ISU Username
  3. Type your Password
  4. Click SUBMIT
Sign up to receive your W2 forms Electronically
  1. Click Employees
  2. Select Actions & Information from the drop-down
  3. Scroll to Employment Details 
  4. Select the Employee Self Service link   
  5. Click on Taxes (left)
  6. Click on the Electronic Regulatory Consent link
  7. Check the Consent to receive W-2 electronically box
  8. Then click Submit
  • Once you have submitted this, you will be able to go into the Employee Self Service to view and print your W-2.  You can even save your W-2 as an electronic file where it will be available to you outside of BengalWeb.   
  • Once you've chosen to receive your W-2s electronically, you will not be mailed a paper W-2 in the future.  If you want to return to receiving paper W-2s, you will need to come back to this page and uncheck the My Choice box, then click Submit.  This will make it so that next year when ISU sends out W-2s at the end of January, you will receive a paper version.

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