What Argos Reports Are Available?

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Collection of Argos reports and what they are.
  • What are Argos reports for?
  • Is there training for Argos?
  • What Argos reports are there?
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Argos reports are accessed via the Reports @ISU (Argos)channel in BengalWeb. Each report has different security which determines who can access the data. 
  • Some reports are available to anyone with Argos access; most, however, have restrictions.  
  • To request access to a report, click on the Banner/Argos Request link in BengalWeb and fill in the request form.  You can see what type of information a report provides by clicking on the form name in the “What reports are available?” link in the Argos channel.
Note: Some report information is only available to those given access privileges, either Time sheet Organization (T-Org) security or Fund Organization (Fund/Org) security. If you approve time sheets you have Time sheet Organization (T-Org) security. If you are an account director or if you have budget lookup access, you have Fund Organization (Fund/Org) security. 
Below is a list of available report categories. After you click on one of the links below, a list of reports available within each category will appear. Each report category contains the names of the datablocks used to create the various reports. Reports are always one level below the datablock heading.
We offer regular, free training on using Argos to access information. Contact Marjanna Hulet at x2598 or hulemarj@isu.edu to sign up.
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