Financial Dashboard

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Provides detailed information on budget and year-to-date spending for a specific Index Code. 
  • What is the financial dashboard?
  • How do I view Bengalweb finances?
  • How do I see budgets?
  • Platform
    • BengalWeb
  • Audience Affected
    • Staff
  1. Select Finance (left)
  2. Select Finance Information
  3. Click on Finance Dashboard
  4. Click on ISU Finance Query
  5. Click New Query (upper right)
  6. Select Budget Status by Account under Select Query Type,
  7. In the Index field, type in your index
  8. Scroll down and check Include Revenue Accounts if the Index receives revenue
  9. Make sure that the Fiscal Year is current and the Fiscal Period is set to 14
  10. Under Operating Ledger, select the columns you wish to view
  11. Recommended:
    • Accounted Budget (starting dollar amounts for state-appropriated accounts);
    • Year to Date (what has already been spent this year);
    • Commitments (amounts promised via purchase orders or other encumbrances), and
    • Available Balance (the sum of the other 3 columns). 
  12. Click SUBMIT
Note: Anyone with Fund/Org access can perform budget queries for their Indexes.

Additional Options & Tips:
  • Click on links (blue or underlined) to see additional information.
  • The pencil icon (upper right) allows you to backtrack and edit your query.
  • The down arrow (upper right) downloads the information currently displayed into an Excel spreadsheet. 
  • The 3 dots (upper right) contain links to additional information, such as pending documents.
  • To save a query, click the Save icon, then give the query a name. The parameters you used to create your query will be saved and appear under the Saved Queries heading on the main My Finance Query page. Note: this does not save information retrieved by the query, just the query's parameters
  • To make a Saved Query a favorite, click on the Star icon (bottom of Saved Query). This puts the saved query on the front page of your main My Finance Query page. 
  • To view a specific document, click on the View Document icon (upper right) on the main My Finance Query page. Select the document type and enter its #. Choose View Document to see the document itself, or choose Approvals & Related Documents to see other associated documents, such as Requisitions, Invoices, and Check #'s. 

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