Black and White Lab Printing

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ISU students and employees can print black and white print jobs in the ISU Computer Labs using netZcore PRINT.

netZcore PRINT Process

  1. Print ► Like normal would with the browser or program of choice
    • Example: Word:
      • Select ► File in the top left corner
      • Select ► Print from the menu down the left side.
  2. netZcore PRINT Window ► Will pop up after selecting Print from the browser or program
  3. Log in ► With BengalWeb username and password
  4. Choose ► The appropriate printer
  5. Check ► The box next to any job to print or cancel
  6. View ► Transaction Summary to see the total number of pages and current funds remaining 
  7. Send ► Select job to the printer
    • Note: netZcore PRINT will display the number of print jobs, and pages, as well as the cost and new balance in your purse, which printer the print jobs were sent to, and the wait time before printing begins.


  1. If the document title on a black and white printer document says Auto-Discarded or the cost shows Color Printer:
    • ​​​​​​​The document may have been sent to a color printer
    • To print in color, speak to the lab consultant. 
  2. If you do NOT want a color print:
    1. ​​​​​​​Select ► The print job
    2. Click the ►​​​​​​​ Cancel jobs button
    3. Selecting ► The Black and White printer to reprint the job


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