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Follow these steps to look up specific Finance Documents using the Finance Dashboard in BengalWeb.
  • How do I view financial documents? 
  • What is the finance dashboard in BengalWeb?
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Finance Dashboard
  1. Log into BengalWeb. 
  2. On the leftclick on the Finance link.
  3. In the Finance Information boxclick on  Finance Dashboard (Finance Self Service).
Finance Information: Finance dashboard
  1. The ISU Finance page will open. Select ISU Finance Query.
ISU Finance Query
  1. In the white header, find and click on the View Documents icon (a page with a magnifying glass)far right. 
view documents
  1. When the View Document window opens, select the type of document you are looking for by clicking on the drop-down arrow under Document Type. The document types you can look up are:
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoices
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Encumbrances
  • Direct Cash Receipt
Document Type dropdown
  1. Next, enter the Document Number under that same heading.
    • Note: The Document Search feature pulls in a list of every document number available under that Document Type. It is faster to just enter the document number in the Document Number box. 
Document type, number, and submission form
  1. Then choose which view you wish to open: VIEW DOCUMENT or APPROVALS & RELATED DOCUMENTS.
    • VIEW DOCUMENT. This will pull up a pdf of the document, suitable for printing. For example, if you entered the information for a Purchase Order, this will open a pdf of that purchase order. 
    • APPROVALS & RELATED DOCUMENTS. This contains links to documents related to the one you entered, as well as approvals. For example, if you enter the information for an Invoice, this section may contain a link to the  Requisition that created the PO, who approved that Requisition, a link to the Purchase Order, the Receiving Document Number,  and even the check number that finally paid for the item ordered. 

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