Student Employee Time Entry

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Issue / Question
  • How do student employees input time?
  • How do I input my work hours?
  • Where do I put in my hours?
  • Platform
    • BengalWeb
  • Audience Affected
    • Students
    • Student Employees
Guide to enter time worked or leave for ALL ISU employees that use BengalWeb to enter time.
Table of Contents

Sign into BengalWeb
  1. Go to BengalWeb
  2. Type your ISU Username
  3. Type your Password
  4. Click SUBMIT
  5. Approve login using DUO mobile app or hardware token

Time Entry 
  1. Click Employees (left sidebar)
  2. Select Actions & Information (drop-down)
  3. Scroll to Time Reporting/Approval 
  4. Select Enter Time 
  5. Click Start Timesheet
    •  Note: once you open your timesheet, the button will change to In Progress
  6. Select a date on the calendar (box turns grey when selected and opens the time entry section)
  7. Select the Earn Code you want to enter time under from the drop-down list. (descriptions are listed below)
  8. Type the Number of Hours in the Hours box
  9. Click Save (bottom right)
    • Notes: 
      • The hours you entered now appear on that date in the Calendar section above
      • Click Add Earn Code If you need to add hours for a different earn code on the same date and repeat the steps listed above
      • Click Exit Page If you are done entering time but are not ready to submit your time for approval (bottom left)
      • You can make adjustments to your time card throughout the pay period

Submitting Time Card 
  1. Click Preview (bottom right)
  2. Review your Hours 
  3. Type Comments (optional)
  4. Check the By submitting this time sheet, I certify that the record of hours for each work day as entered is true and accurate box
  5. Click Submit (bottom right)

Earn Codes 
  • Classified Staff: Regular Pay Hours Worked, Sick leave, Vacation Leave, Compensatory Time Taken, Holiday Leave
  • Non-Classified Employees/12-month Faculty: Sick Leave, Vacation Leave
  • Faculty (9, 10, &11 months): Sick leave (Only)
  • Students: Student Regular Hourly Pay (Only)

Additional Instructions: 
  • Navigation: You can continue to enter hours by clicking on different dates. Use the arrow keys (right and left) in the calendar section to move to a different week in the pay period. 
  • Corrections:  Click the Pencil Icon (right side) to make corrections to a timesheet entry (right side)
  • Copy Entry:  Click the Copy Icon to copy the time entry to multiple days (i.e., a week of Vacation, or 9-5 every day) (right side, next to the pencil), then Click Save
  • Delete Entry: Click the Minus Sign to delete a timesheet entry, then Click Save
  • Restart Time: Click the Restart Time Button (upper right) to remove all time entered and start your timesheet again
  • Leave Balance: Click the  Leave Balances Button  (upper right) to see how much leave you have available
       Note: This will not reflect leave earned or taken during the current time period
  • Recall Timesheet: Click the Recall Timesheet Button (bottom right) to access your timesheet to enter additional time or make corrections until your Time Approver approves your time
 Note: Partial hours should be entered as tenths of the hour (1.1 = 1 hour 6 minutes).


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