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How to use the ISU class schedule searching tool

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Video Tutorial: Class List Search

Conducting a basic search:
  1. Log in to BengalWeb
  2. Select the Academics link (left). 
  3. Click the ISU Class Schedule link found in the Faculty Tools or Advisor Tools sections.
  4. From the Select Term or Date Range page, click on the drop down and highlight the term you wish to select.  Then click Submit.
  5. On the Look Up Classes page, select the options for your search, then click the Course Search button near the bottom of the screen. (See instructions for Advanced Search button below.)
    • Note:  You must select at least one Subject to begin searching.  To select multiple subjects, hold down the Ctrl key and click on additional subjects.
  6. A list of the courses available will appear.  Click on the View Sections button (right) to see the times and locations of the sections available for that course.  
Advanced Search Button

From the look up classes page, you can also select the Advanced Search button.  This provides filtering options that can help you search for a class to meet special needs.  For example, you could pull up a list of all the classes that start during the 2nd 8 weeks, or a list of which classes meet Fine Arts goal.  You can even pull a list of all classes that meet at a particular time, to help fill a gap in someone's schedule.  

1.  Choose a subject from the list, or--to search the entire listing--click on the first line (Academic Skills Courses) and scroll to the bottom, hold the shift key, and click on the last line (Welding).  The entire subject list will be highlighted.  

2.  Choose among the filtering options available, including Schedule Type; Campus; Course Level; Part of Term: Instructor; Session; Attribute Type: and Start Time, End Time, and Days.  You may leave these at their default values or select specific values to narrow your search--or both.  

3.  Click Section Search.  A list of the classes meeting your search criteria will appear.  Click on the blue CRN number to see more information about that section, including a link to the Catalog Entry and Required  Book Information.  The listing also shows the current enrollment for each section.

  • Select:  an open checkbox means the class has openings and you can register; C means the class is full. 
  • CRN:  Course Reference Number.  This is the number used to designate a specific class section.
  • Crse:  Course Number, which, combined with the Subject comprises a common name of the course, i.e. English 1101. 
  • Cmp:  an abbreviation for the campus where the course will be held (PC = Pocatello; IF = Idaho Falls.; MD = Meridian; TF = Twin Falls)
  • Days: which days the section meets .  Note that R means Thursday.  
  • Cap: the enrollment cap for that section. 
  • Act:  the actual, current enrollment for the section. 
  • Rem: the seats remaining for the section. 
  • WL Cap:  how many people can be on the waitlist for the section. 
  • WL Act: how many people are actually ON the waitlist.
  • WL Rem: how many seats on the waitlist remain open.  

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