Changing Your Password

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Instructions for how to change your passwords.
  • How do I change my password?
  • Where do I change my password?
  • Platform
    • BengalWeb
    • IAM
    • Moodle
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    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
Sign into the Identity Management Portal
  1. Type your ISU Username
  2. Click NEXT
  3. Type your ISU Password
  4. Click SIGN IN
    • Note: The password is the same one you use to access all of your ISU accounts
  5. Approve login using DUO mobile app or hardware token

Accessing the Password Management Area
  1. Click the MY ACCOUNTS tab (top left)
    • Note: Mobile Devices - Click the Menu Button (Top) to expand tabs
Changing Your Password 
  1. Type your desired password in the New Password Box
    • Note:  Make sure to follow the rules listed to the right of the password textboxes
  2. Retype your desired password in the Re-type Password Box
    • Notes: 
      • If your passwords do not match, you will get a pop-up telling you the passwords do not match. Click OK, and try again.
      • If the typed password does not meet the rules, you will be notified, and another box will appear under the Password Rules on your right. Scroll down in this box. The requirements with a red X next to them were not satisfied.
        • All of the mandatory requirements must be met, but only three of the four conditional requirements must be satisfied.
For example, if the password were too short, this would appear.
Password rules with error marker
When you have entered a password that follows the rules, you will be notified with this pop-up.
Successful password reset popup
  1. Click OK
  • You will remain on the same page, but your password will have been changed.
  • Make sure to log back into your ISU applications with this new password, including Moodle, Bengalweb, Gmail, Box, Wireless, etc.

Please call (208) 282-HELP(4357) or chat with the IT Service Desk for assistance.


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