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Instructions on how to sync your password with the LEX drive.
Taking an online course requires a good computer, and consistent internet connection. In addition there are some basic general skills, along with computer and internet skills that are required to be successful.
Describes how to configure the gmail settings and the gmail app on a device utilizing the Android operating system.
Instructions on DocuSign at Idaho State University
Installing GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac OS Device
In the process of restoring your course, you may encounter some problems. There are some things you can do to help your course restore cleanly.
The Import function allows course content to be moved from one course to another within the same instance of Moodle.
Course availability affects whether or not students are able to access the course on Moodle ISU.
The Groups and Groupings options provide a way for instructors to divide the students in order to work together on activities, give participants access to specific content, and help organize the Gradebook and participant list.
Backup course content, or add information from an old course into a new course.
Activity completion or progress tracking, allows the instructor to monitor student progress through the course. Setting the activity completion options dictates when an activity will be marked as complete. When an activity is marked complete, the student will see a checkmark next to the activity on the course page and in the progress tracking report.
Blocks are items which may be added to the right of your Moodle page. Blocks can be very helpful in adding functionality to your Moodle ISU course.
The Glossary activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions similar to a dictionary. This guide will be focused on entries and categories if you would like more information you can find it in the Glossary guide.
Forum notifications and responses can be sent to your ISU email after you have entered in a forum post, or if you have subscribed to a forum.
During the Closed Phase, the calculated grades will be pushed to the gradebook. Students will also be able to see their submissions, their assessments and the published submissions.
During the Grading Evaluation Phase, students can no longer modify their submissions or their assessments. The instructor can use the grading evaluation tools to calculate final grades, manually override grades, provide feedback for authors and reviewers and select example submissions to be published for all students to view after the workshop is closed.
During the Assessment Phase, submissions will be assessed using the Assessment form created during the Setup Phase.
Wiki is a collaborative Moodle tool whereby students and professors may add content of many forms in order to create a “webpage” without needing experience with HTML.
You can add links to external websites as a way to include online articles, videos, podcasts and other resources in your course.
The Survey module is a course activity that provides a number of preset survey instruments.
The SCORM module enables you to upload any SCORM or AICC package to include in your course.
Learn how instructors can download student data from a quiz for research or archive purposes.
Before adding questions to your quiz, you should have already created questions in your Question bank, and have created a Quiz activity in your course.
The quiz activity allows you to create tests and adaptive learning assessments. Moodle ISU can automatically grade many of the question types and place the overall score in the Gradebook.
If your textbook came with access to ExamView, this guide will help you import the questions into your Moodle ISU question bank. If you have received access to TestGen or EZTest, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email so that they can look at the question bank and help you find the best process for importing those questions.