Departmental Day Use Pass Request

How to Request

Click the Day Use Pass Request Form button and fill out the information on the form. If you have any questions, please call the Parking Office at (208)-282-2625. 

Service Description

This is for departments on campus to request Day Use Passes in the form of pads. The options are the following: General Passes, Reserved Passes, and Medical Passes. 

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities

  • The request form must be completed 2 Business Days before your intended pick-up date. 
  • The User must fill out the request form with all the information that is requested as detailed and informative as possible. 
  • The User must check on the order in case there has been updates or communication from the Parking Office. 

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • The Parking Office will receive and fill your order within 2 Business Days. 
  • The Parking Office will keep up to date on the progress of requested forms (updating the status of the order, etc.) 

Service Pricing

  • Medical Passes (Pad of 50 - $4.00)
  • General Passes (Pad of 25 - $50.00)
  • Reserved Passes (Pad of 25 - $75.00)

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