Questions and articles relating to ISUs learning management system, Moodle.

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Get started with Moodle ISU

Identify the basics of using Moodle ISU, general procedures, and technical requirements

Activities and Resources

Create and use the various tools such as forums, quizzes, assignments and course materials within Moodle ISU

Course Administration and Settings

Adjust course settings, create backups, create and manage groups.

Gradebook and Grading

Setup the Moodle ISU gradebook and grade activities

Moodle Blocks

Add additional tools for email, retention, and calendaring.

Articles (3)

Moodle ISU Overview [Faculty]

A brief overview of Moodle ISU. It will help you to locate information in the Moodle environment and to understand the functions inside of Moodle that you will see frequently.

Moodle ISU Q&A for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty about Moodle.

Moodle ISU Q&A for Students

Frequently Asked Questions from Students about Moodle