Degree Works: What If... Guide

Degree Works: What If... Guide

DegreeWorks helps students clearly see their progress towards graduation. The What If tool in DegreeWorks can also help them as they contemplate changing majors or adding additional degrees. These tools are not meant to be a replacement for the student’s advisor. In an ideal situation, the student and advisor would meet to discuss the student’s future, using DegreeWorks for assistance. DegreeWorks only contains information for currently enrolled students who are using the 2011-12 undergraduate catalog or later. It is not an academic transcript and should not be treated as such.

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1. Open BengalWeb and click on the ISU DegreeWorks icon (upper left.)

2. Advisors: Use the top line to find a student from the list of your advisees, either with the Find button (far left) or the drop down list under Name. (Note: the Student ID here is NOT the student’s ISU ID/Bengal Card #.)

Students: Your name will appear on the top line.

3. Three main tools are under the Worksheet tab: Worksheets, What If, and Look Ahead. Click on What If. (Instructions for the Worksheets option are found in a different handout.)

4. To use the What If tool, first choose a Degree from the dropdown list under the What If heading. Do not change the Undergraduate Level (DegreeWorks is currently only available to Undergraduates), but do make sure you choose the correct Catalog Year you (or the student) began under at ISU.

5. Next, go to the Choose Your Different Areas of Study section. Select the College from the drop-down list located there, then choose your area of study from the drop-down lists for Major, Minor, etc. These lists are the majors, minors, etc offered under the Degree you chose in step 4, above. If you don’t see the choice you want, try changing the degree above. Note that as you choose a College, Major, Minor, etc, your choice appears in the box on the right. If you wish to change what is listed there, click the Remove button underneath. You can add multiple degrees to the list.

6. Once you’ve chosen the Area of Study you want to explore, click on the Process What-If button above.

7. An analysis of your choice will appear, showing what classes have been taken that would meet this chosen course of study, what there is yet to take, etc. 

8. To explore something else, just click on the Back button (upper left under the Planner tab) and it will return you to the parameters view and you can choose a different option. Any questions about the information in DegreeWorks should be discussed with your Advisor or Central Academic Advising (x3277).




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