Faculty and Non-Classified Staff Time Entry


Instructions on how to enter time for non-classified staff and faculty.


Issue / Question
  • How do I put in my time?
  • How do faculty put in their time?
  • How do Non-classified staff put in their time?
  1. Log into MyISU with your ISU Username and Password
  2. Approve Login using the DUO mobile app or hardware token
  3. Navigate to the Main Menu (left)
Time Entry
  1. Go to the Work Category
  2. Locate the Time Entry & Employment Details Card
  3. Click the Employee Dashboard Link
  4. Find My Activities and click on the grey box that says Enter Time
  5. Click Start Timesheet
    • Note: once you open your timesheet, the button changes to In Progress
  6. A Calendar page opens. Click on the date you wish to enter the time for.
  7. In the Earn Code box, select the Earn Code you want to enter time under from the drop-down list. 
  8. In the Hours box, enter the number of hours for the Earn Code and click Save (bottom right).
    • Note: The entered hours will appear on that date in the Calendar section.
  9. If you wish to add hours for a different earn code for the same date, click +Add Earn Code, then repeat the steps.  
  10. If you are done entering time but not ready to submit your time for approval, click Exit Page (bottom left).
    • Note: This allows you to return at a future date to enter more time or make corrections to the time entered.  
  11. To submit your completed time for approval, click Preview (bottom right). Review your hours in the preview window, add any comments you wish to attach, and click the checkbox to certify that what you have entered is accurate. Click Submit.
Submit Time Entry for Approval
  1. Select the  Work category  
  2. Scroll to the Time Entry & Employment Details card
  3. Click Employee Dashboard
  4. Click Enter Time from the My Activities Section (right side)
  5. Click In Progress (middle)
  6. Click Preview (bottom right)
  7. Review Entered Hours
  8. Type Comments (optional)
  9. Check the box; by submitting this timesheet, I certify that the record of hours for each workday as entered is true and accurate.
  10. Click Submit to process your time card for approval. 
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