Zoom Activity (1): Overview


The Zoom Activity supports the ability to schedule/join/manage meetings within Moodle ISU.

This Guide Will Help You to Review:

  • Main Header Area

  • Upcoming Meetings

  • Previous Meetings

  • Personal Meeting Room

  • Cloud Recordings

  • Seek further assistance

Main Header Area

This area includes the following features:


# Name Description
1 Time Zone

By default, the time zone is managed by Moodle ISU. Users can change the time zone manually by clicking the pencil icon. 

2 View All zoom Meetings/Recordings

Hosts can review all meetings that are associated with their ISU Zoom account. 

3 Schedule a New Meeting

Hosts can schedule new meetings from the Zoom activity.


More Button (Three dots)

Hosts can do the following:

  • The host can import a meeting and have it be connected to the specific Moodle ISU course. This is useful if the meeting was created on another platform like Zoom.us and the host needed the meeting to be tied to the course.
  • The host can disassociate the meeting. The meeting will still be active but will no longer be tied to the course. 
5 Knowledge Base

Clicking this link will open the knowledge base articles related to zoom self-help resources.

Upcoming meetings

The Upcoming Meetings tab displays current and recurrent meetings. From that tab both host and participant can click the respective button to start or join the meeting. Note that recurring meetings at no fixed time will be displayed first then meetings with specific start dates will list chronologically.

Previous meetings

The Previous meetings tab displays past meetings. From that tab is where the host can review the Meeting report. This will include detailed information regarding participant attendance and poll responses.

Personal Meeting Room

The Personal meeting room tab includes your Personal Meeting ID (PMI). This is a special meeting that is always open and is useful for instant meetings. The host can modify their PMI by clicking the Edit this meeting button. Only the host will see this tab.

Cloud Recordings

The Cloud Recordings tab lists the meetings with recordings associated with them. Use the filtering to find a recording from a specific date. When viewing the recordings, viewers are able to change the playback speed, turn on closed captions, and review the audio transcript.

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For more information please visit, Zoom Help Center:


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