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How to add syllabus and office hours information to class list.
Where to find and how to operate the Faculty Schedule tool in BengalWeb.
Information for faculty members about the waitlist function and how to view the waitlist for their class.
Instructions on how employees can complete the Self-Review process as part of their annual performance evaluation.
How to look up Documents using the Finance Dashboard in BengalWeb.
Simple explanations and links to instructions for the various collaboration tools available at ISU.
Where to find finance information, both on the Finance and Administration Website and in BengalWeb
Instructions for looking up basic budget information in the the Self Serve Banner tools available in BengalWeb.
Instructions on how to use DegreeWorks
Instructions for students on how to use the Degree Works "What-If" feature in BengalWeb.
The How Do I... page in BengalWeb contains easy links to many helpful sites.
Instructions on how to add or drop classes.
List of numbers contained in the Directories portlet in BengalWeb
Instructions on how to get to a complete class list for the classes that you teach.
Explains the various options in the Faculty and Advisors menu