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The Faculty Detailed Schedule contains information about classes assigned to faculty, as well as links to additional information.
Instructions on how to control some of the things that appear in the Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb.
Information for faculty members about the waitlist function and how to view the waitlist for their class.
How to add syllabus and office hours information to class list.
Where to find and how to operate the Faculty Schedule tool in BengalWeb.
An explanation of the process of reviewing your evaluation in the Talent Management System.
Information on how faculty can access information on the students they advise.
The Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb offers valuable tools for faculty.
Instructions on how employees can complete the Self-Review process as part of their annual performance evaluation.
The Satisfactory Academic Progress link provides access to additional information about a student's academic progress as it relates to their financial aid.
Rarely, a class features variable credits, meaning students can choose how many credits they wish to earn by taking the class. This explains how to access this feature, when it is available.
How to look up Documents using the Finance Dashboard in BengalWeb.
How to find and view any Financial Aid Holds on your account.
Explains the various options in the Faculty and Advisors menu