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BengalWeb offers a couple different ways to view student fees. This article outlines the steps for each method available in BengalWeb.
Instructions on how students can pay their bills using the tools in BengalWeb.
Instructions for accessing student pictures in BengalWeb
Some tips for using the Faculty Grade Entry tool in BengalWeb.
The How Do I... page in BengalWeb contains easy links to many helpful sites.
An overview of BengalWeb and the services it provides
The Office of the Registrar's website has almost everything a student needs!   Information about transcripts, loans, petitions, graduation, schedules, diplomas, advising and tuition is readily available at the Registrar's student resource page.
BengalWeb is a one stop portal to all of ISU's electronic resources
Instructions on how to view your fees using the Account Summary tool in BengalWeb, as well as how to pay your fees via the same tool.
Instructions on how to accept your financial aid award using BengalWeb.
How to successfully open and close BengalWeb.