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Cisco Jabber Softphone (Jabber) is a feature of Cisco Unified Communications that allows you to connect your phone to your computer. This allows you to make and receive ISU phone calls from your computer, chat with fellow Jabber users via an instant messaging service, and keep in touch with your coworkers with status and availability updates--all from one application.
  • What is Jabber?
  • How do I use Jabber?
  • How do you set up Jabber?
  • Platform
    • Jabber
  • Audience Affected
    • Staff
Setting up Jabber
  • The software Jabber uses can only be used on Windows or macOS computers. In addition,  ISU VPN access is required to be set up and TURNED ON to access Jabber.  
  • To use Jabber, Idaho State University ITS Network, and Communications must activate and configure the service for your existing ISU Cisco VoIP desktop phone number. Request this activation by contacting help@isu.edu OR calling (208)282-HELP/4357.
Using Jabber
  • Jabber looks and works differently depending on your platform (Windows or macOS). After you submit your activation request, ITS Network and Communications will contact you to help you install and configure Jabber for your platform.
    • Note: due to specific rules related to emergency services, Jabber may not be available to you. Please contact the ITS Service Desk (help@isu.edu (208)282-HELP/x4357) to discuss these limitations and see if Jabber is a right fit for you. 
Jabberwocky: our Jabber-friendly directory
  • If you use Jabber, you might find Jabberwocky a helpful tool. You'll need to connect via VPN and enter your ISU username and password when prompted to log in. 
  • The Jabberwocky Directory holds several advantages for ISU Jabber users, including the ability to embed itself directly in the Windows Jabber client, one-click links on each listing that can now dial ISU Faculty/Staff via Jabber, open an instant messenger chat with other ISU Jabber users, and more. 


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