Forwarding Calls

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The Cisco VoIP desk phones come with a regular call-forwarding feature. This article describes how to turn on and turn off call forwarding on your desk phone.
  • How do I forward calls?
  • How do I turn call forwarding off?
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Note: This is not the preferred method of forwarding your calls when you are away from your desk. Single Number Reach is the preferred call forwarding option.  
Turning Call Forwarding On and Off
  1. On your desk phone's display screen, look for FWD ALL or FORWARD ALL and press the button below it.  
    • The phone will beep twice. 
  2. Enter the phone number you want your calls sent to 8+1+the area code + the number.
  3. Phone calls made to this number will now go automatically to the number you entered. 
    • Note: If someone calls you from an ISU phone, your forwarded number--not your desk phone number--will display.
  4. On your phone's screen, you will now see Forward Off. Push that button to turn the forwarding off.  


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