Plug and Play Video Conferencing Tools [Faculty]


Plug and Play video conferencing is when you connect your computer to an external camera, mic, and speaker to turn any space into a video conference room. This is different from the dedicated Distance Learning classrooms that are equipped with state of the art teleconferencing technology.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Identify different plug and play conferencing technology

  • Set up video conferencing 

  • Share Zoom recording

  • Seek further assistance

Identify different plug and play conferencing technology

You may find the following technology at Idaho State University.



Jabra Panacast (Camera)


Jabra Speak 710 (Speaker/mic)


Meeting Owl (All in one)



Set up Video conferencing

Know that this process is the same for most plug & play video conferencing technology.

  1. Create your Zoom Meeting, for more information see Web Conferencing Using Zoom.

  2. Connect the device's USB cable to the computer.

  3. As the Meeting Host, start your meeting.

  4. Click the “Test Speaker and Microphone”.


  1. In the Speaker dropdown menu, select the specific device. (look for Meeting Owl or Jabra Speak).


  1. You should hear a test sound play from the speaker. If yes click yes.


  1. In the Microphone dropdown menu, select the specific device. (look for Meeting owl or Jabra Speak).

  2. Speak into the mic and pause, You should hear your voice, if yes click yes.

  3. Click the white Join with computer Audio button.

  4. Click the blue Join with computer audio button.

  5. You can mute/unmute the room by clicking on the Mic icon.


  1. To select the correct camera, select the up arrow next to the Video icon.


  1. Select the specific device. (look for Meeting Owl or Jabra PanaCast).

Share Zoom recordings

If you plan to record the meeting session, it’s recommended that you bring your own device, plug in the video conferencing technology and host / record the meeting from your laptop. Once your Zoom recording has converted, watch this video on how to Share your Zoom Recording to Moodle with Google drive:

Seek Further Assistance

For information regarding the classroom, contact the related academic department

For technology assistance please contact the IT Service Desk at (208) 282-HELP (4357) or

For strategies in teaching with Zoom please contact the ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or



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