Instructions and information on using the Zoom in Hyflex and dedicated Interactive Video-Conferencing Classrooms.

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HyFlex Classroom Technology Instruction

Welcome to this tutorial, today we are going to discuss recommendations for using the HyFlex classroom technology. Please review all of the following information to assist you with planning for your HyFlex class sessions.

Interactive Video Conferencing Classrooms with Zoom Cloud Recording

You can use Zoom web conferencing in conjunction with the Interactive Video Conference Classrooms (IVCC) to conduct meetings or classes. Set up your meetings with automatic Cloud Recording and the Zoom Activity to automate the access of video classroom recordings.

Plug and Play Video Conferencing Technology and Zoom Meeting

Plug & Play video conferencing is when you connect your computer to an external camera, mic, and speaker to turn any space into a video conference room. This is different from the dedicated Distance Learning classrooms that are equipped with state of the art teleconferencing technology.