Connecting to DeviceNet

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  • How do I connect my device to WiFi?
  • Why won't my Smart TV, Gaming Consoles, etc. connect to the WiFi?
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    • Internet
    • WiFi
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    • Students
Some devices do not support 802. 1x (Certificate Based) authentication; therefore, they are not able to connect to the TigerNet wifi
  1. Visit the Device Portal
  2. Login to the Portal using your ISU username and password
  3. Type the MAC (hardware address) for the device's wireless card
  4. Type a brief description of the device and a location
  5. Click Submit
Once a device has been registered, it can connect to DeviceNet using the password: "icmjn3tx25"
The status of the device will state "Pending."
Common DeviceNet devices include things like Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles.
Xbox 360 one, ps3, ps4, Wii u, Nintendo Switch, DS, 3DS XL, etc.

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