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Instructions and specifications for connecting to ISU's wireless internet TigerNet
  • How do I connect to TigerNet?
  • What devices can connect to TigerNet?
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TigerNet is the standard network for ISU students, faculty, and staff. It requires an ISU username and password and uses 802.1x authentication. If your device does not support 802.1x you may need to use DeviceNet.
Does My Device Support 802.1x Authentication?
The most reliable way to tell if your device supports 802.1x authentication is to check with the device manufacturer. This information is usually listed under "technical specifications" on the manufacturer's website, device packaging, etc.
One easy indicator that your device may support 802.1x is if your device asks you to enter a username and password when connecting to a network.
  • Note: This will not necessarily be the case on some older devices.
Many smart TVs and gaming consoles are among the devices that do not always support 802.1x.

Check the Wireless FAQ page to learn more about campus wireless.
Device-Specific Connection Steps:
These instructions cover connecting to TigerNet from various devices.
Android and Chromebooks

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