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This document is meant to provide a visual reference, displaying the layout and functionality of the question banks in both Moodle ISU and ISU Canvas.
The Import function allows course content to be moved from your Moodle course to your Canvas course. User data (student files), manually added calendar events, and topic headings (summaries) will not be imported using this function.
This is a guide for preparing your Moodle ISU Course to backup and import into Canvas. Use our Preparing Your Moodle ISU Course Backup for Canvas Import Checklist to track your progress.
Frequently Asked Questions from Students about Moodle
Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty about Moodle.
Add another teacher to share ideas, collaborate with peers, and to help improve the overall quality of your learning materials.
Backup course content, or add information from an old course into a new course.
Links to helpful resources for teaching and learning
Basic troubleshooting steps to take when Moodle may not be working correctly.
Forum notifications and responses can be sent to your ISU email after you have entered in a forum post, or if you have subscribed to a forum.
Explains how to review a quiz in Moodle ISU. The quiz tool in Moodle ISU can be used to assess learning. Sometimes assessments can be titled differently by instructors. They might be called exams, tests, quizzes, etc.
The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a proctoring tool used by faculty in the ISU Computer Classrooms.  This document explains the steps for initiating the installation of SEB, accessing a Moodle ISU Quiz through SEB, and closing SEB after completing an exam.
Below are explanations of the different types of questions that you may see in your quizzes.  If you have any questions about a quiz, contact your instructor.
The HTML editor in Moodle ISU appears on any page where text can be entered. You can use the editor to manipulate text, insert images, create links, etc.
As an instructor you may want a paper copy of your exam for archiving purposes or to handout to students for a in-person exam.